Useful Tips for Using Directions Hair Dye!

16 March, 2015

We all want to live a colorful life- we all want to explore the bright, vibrant and joyous shade available around us at fullest! Then how can we manage to spend our entire life with just one monotonous tint in hairs? Thanks to Directions Hair Dye for bringing the innovation of different hair colors in our lives. This trendy delight has to be used with immense care and concern for best results- here are some tips that can help your experience.

Using a PH balanced Shampoo: A PH balanced shampoo will fix the acidic misbalance in your hairs that can result due to the use of directions hair dye. This will also add a lot of strength to your hairs.

Color Combing:  There has to be thorough combing of color in your hairs! Make it free flowing and uninterrupted so that the pigment mixes well with the hairs.

Time Frame:  Don’t go beyond 20 minutes- the ideal time for directions hair dye is between 10-15 minutes. Using a plastic cap for heat resistance is recommended for superior results.

Rinsing:  Rinse your hairs and face with lukewarm water to the time it is absolutely clean. It is important because the left-out dye can cause irritation and itching.

Combining two different dyes:  This can be done by creating a unique combination of hair dye! But before doing this, check the chemical terms and conditions of various dyes you are planning to use. Apply both the colors separately and follow the above-written procedure accordingly.

Quick Tips:
  • Use your plastic cap and gloves before applying hair dye.
  • Use Vaseline or any preferable ointment.
  • Don’t apply hair dye on sensitive or allergic skin.
  • Avoid using directions hair dye on eyelashes and private hairs.
  • Check the manufacturing details of hair dye before applying them.
  • Lastly, dust translucent powder on your liner to keep it set at its place.
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