A few tips for buying the best eye shadow color

17 December, 2014

Eye makeup is incomplete without eye shadow as it accentuates eyes. Applying a medusa eye shadow is a must, if you want to enhance beauty of your eyes and make them look appealing. When it comes to buy an eye shadow, some women may find it difficult to select an appropriate color. Don’t ever buy a shade just because you like it. Choose the best color after taking into account several factors mentioned below.

    • Your eye color

Always take into account the color of eyes before you purchase any type of eye makeup. Locate the best color according to the original color of your eyes. For instance, women with green eyes should try purple eye shadow. Doing so will make your eyes look bold and impressive. On the other hand, brown shade is the best for females with blue eyes.

    • Current season

This can really simplify your job of choosing a trendy and classic eye shadow. Buying an eye shadow according to the seasons will give you a wide range of options to choose from. For example, in winters, it would be a fair idea to choose colors such as nay blue. Pink and peaches are the best for springs

    • Color of your attire

Also, keep in mind the color of your attire while making purchase for eye shadow. In addition to this, do not forget your skin tone. Such small things really make a big difference. Explore different options available in the market and buy the color that suits you the most.

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