Which lip colour suits you the most

08 October, 2014

Make up is incomplete without an elegant lip colour. It is imperative to select the right lip colour according to your skin tone and personality. Not everyone knows how to pick the right coloured lipstick. Red is in trend today, but it does not suits everyone.

Furthermore, it is essential to buy a superior quality lipstick like lime crime lipstick. It does not cause any discomfort or irritation. The best part is that a wide range of shades are available that you can choose according to your skin tone.

Mentioned below is an important piece of information that will help you in selecting the right lip colour.


  • Lipstick colours for fair skin tone
  • Soft pinks are considered as the best for females with fair complexion. In addition to this, light beige, pink, peach and golden brown also look beautiful on fair skin.

  • Lipstick colours for medium skin tone
  • If you are not very fair, then it would be better to select medium pink, orange, apricot and red shades of lip colours. Red colour is available in numerous hues. You can choose the perfect shade by using the lipstick on your finger tip and make it stand along with your face. This will give you an idea whether the colour suits you or not.

  • Lipstick colours for dark skin tone
  • Females with dark skin tone should buy warmer shades. The makeup artists or experts suggest dark berry, golden brown, golden beige, and brownish red for dark skin tones.

  • Lipstick colours for olive skin tone
  • Females with this type of skin tone should go for dark colours such as dark red and cinnabar. Metallic shades also suit females with olive skin tone.

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