How to Care and Maintenance of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

17 June, 2014

If you want to protect your eyes and money invested in buying contact lenses, then complete care of your lenses is vital. Without mandatory care, your contacts will host bacteria which may lead to severe eye infections, damage and discomfort in eyes. A complete care of your eyes and lenses will make your daily wearing experience much easier and comfortable. Taking care of your contacts can be an easy habit once you get accustomed to a good routine.  


Below are the essential steps that you have to bring into your daily habit:

    • It is advised to go to an optometrist to receive help on choosing right                   cosmetic contact lenses so that you can receive information on how to properly look after your contact lenses.
    • What people do is wash their contacts with tap water, avoid using it on your contacts. Wash contactswith saline solution only. 
    • Make sure your hands are clean when you move or clean your lenses. Do not allow anyone else to touch them, because dirty hands can scratch the lens, leave residue, bacteria, and debris on your contact surface.
    • Do not sleep while wearing contact lenses.

    • Always apply makeup and other beauty products after putting lenses in.
    • Do not share your lenses with anyone else, it may transmit allergies.
    • Wash your contacts and contacts case daily.
    • Do not wear disposable lenses so longer than you are supposed to.

So, these were some of the useful tips that can help your eyes grow healthier and safe everywhere you go.

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