Are You Aware Of Crazy Contact Lenses Safety Tips?

11 April, 2014

As we know that the crazy contact lenses can be worn by anyone, with or without vision impairment. In recent years, these lenses have become one of the most popular eye accessories when dressing up for Halloween, birthday parties or sometimes for special occasions. These are made available in different colours and shapes, one can choose according to their pick. It is the best style-alternative to give dramatic and scary look. However, these lenses are gaining huge popularity, but a few people complaint and say it causes irritation in their eyes. The primary reason of such irritation can be lack of care and concern. It will be good for your eyes if you take care of them at the right time that is before putting in the lenses.

Here, I have 3 rules that will help you a lot!!

Rule1. Thumb rule

Always wash your hands before putting in and after taking out your contact lenses, because it is important to maintain the high level of hygiene.

Rule2. No sharing

Do not share your crazy contacts with anyone, not even with your friends as bacterias can easily travel from one eye to another through sharing.

Rule3. No over-and-over-again use

When your occasion is over, do not keep them for another use or for next year of occasion. The fact is that, lenses have their expiration date. The over usage of crazy contact lenses after their expiry may harm your eyes badly.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can dress up your eyes with your favourite colour and shape. It is really important to follow safety measures as no compromise with eye care. When it comes to eye health, it is better to be on the safer side rather than curing infections.

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