7 Quick Sassy and Quirky Make up Tips for Party

08 June, 2016

Sassy and quirky is in these days- all thanks to stars like Miley Cyrus and Jeffree Star for introducing the other side of fun make up. So while you plan to hit the party celebrations with your besties, spread the kick ass fun and spunk of quirky make up. Know these quick 7 tips to celebrate a funky makeup look. Read now!

  1. Sassy is the synonym of being flirty and it comes with the blend of some striking looks. Go for a makeup look that gives you Rose glow and brightness. Experiment some fabulous quirky shades on eyes.


  1. Add ‘drama’ to your appearance. For instance, smoky eyes with color contact lenses can create the desired effect for you. So never miss the tint of drama in the eye makeup.


  1. Use standalone shades like purple, blue, gold, fuchsia, etc. to ensure the hint of drama in eye makeup. You can take inspiration from the Jeffree star makeup to stand out of the crowd.


  1. Using quirky eyeliner is an important part of makeup, especially the shade that you choose. Apply liner on both the upper and lower lashes and also inside the rims of eyes. Highlight it with the help of eye shadow and mascara.


  1. Wanting to try something artificial? Go for it? Get a pair of artificial lashes and curl them up for giving them a dynamic look.


  1. Now since you have added much of the drama to your eyes, use some fruit pigment blush on your rosy cheeks. It will flawlessly compliment your bright and quirky makeup.


  1. Last but not the least: keep your lips naked to give the best finesse to your sassy look. Use lip gloss to make them smooth but don’t add any color to it. You will shine bright like a star!
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