3 Simple Steps to Make This Home-made Eyebrow Growth Serum

05 January, 2017

Paired with a magnificent set of colored lenses, when your gorgeous brows are both heavy and dense, nothing can simply replicate their quintessential beauty. Are you interested in making your brows the perfect long lashes delight? If it’s a BIG yes from your end, then here is the quickest way of doing so! Know the three easy DIY steps to prepare an eyebrow growth serum for yourself and get ready to look like your favorite Hollywood celebrity. Here you go!

All that you need to prepare a Home-Made Eyebrow Growth Serum

DIY eyebrow growth serums need some natural ingredients to give you the perfect beauty effect. Some of us are not born with regular long lashes, and some prefer wearing artificial lashes. While everyone wants beautiful lashes, only a few people do things that could really affect the natural growth faster.

Step 1:

Take a tablespoon of castor and coconut oil and mix it well with sweet almond and avocado’s oil. Mix it well and pour it to a container having mascara wand. Store the mixture in the fridge and apply single strokes every night.

Step 2:

Create a mixture of castor oil, vitamin E and argan oil and mix it with some cold-pressed nutrient-packed plant oils. Keep the mixture overnight and remove it in the morning with cold water. You have to pay special attention to places that have less hair growth.

Step 3:

Take another container having mascara wand and pour some castor oil and rosemary oil in it. Mix the container well and keep it in the fridge to create a fuller effect. You can try and apply this mixture three times in a day.

Buy the perfect set of big eyes contact lenses today because nothing is going to make your eyes look more beautiful and fuller with brows than such wonder pair of lenses. I am sure you are going to love the change in you- stay beautiful!

5 Quick Tips to Keep your Eyes ‘Contact Lens’ Friendly

22 December, 2016

They say eyes are the index to soul- small, big, dark or light, it doesn’t make a difference! You might have had a hard time in finding the best suited pair of colored contact lenses for yourself and it is absolutely fine unless and until you know that eyes are important and they need care. In fact with eyes, care is the only key that you must consider. Keeping that in mind, here are some quick tips that everyone should follow to help their eyes. Here you go!

  1. Shop your pair from a reliable vendor:

Choose a retailer that is approved by a countrywide organization and adheres to the medical safety standards. Trusting a reliable retailer is very important because otherwise, you will never be able to get sure of where you are investing your money. Check their official website, verify their licenses, and confirm the authority. Never say yes to a suspicious pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Size verification is important

Wearing a wrong pair of lenses, especially in respect to the size, is not a right decision to make. You can see that circular lenses come in diameters and since the diameter varies, each of them can give you a distinctive look. The range of appearance can differ from a subtle look to an extremely dolled up eye look.

  1. Care is the ultimate key

The care story of lenses, whether colored or power lenses, is more or less same. They all need hygiene and care. Wash your hands before wearing lenses, use sanitizer, dry hands with a cotton cloth, clean the lens case with solution daily, and add limit your lens use to 8 hours daily.

  1. Never force your eyes:

In the case of irritation or allergy, avoid the use of contact lenses with immediate effects. You can also use lenses with eye drops to lubricate the eyes and rewet the pair of lenses. Never compromise with the sensitivity of your eyes.

  1. Check the protein Deposit

While using your favorite pair of colored contact lenses, make sure to first book an appointment with the doctor to test the level of protein deposited on your contacts. You can help the removal of protein with the use of protein removal tablets.

This Christmas, Try These Glittery Eye Makeup Ideas to Win the Party Spirit

12 December, 2016

We declare glitter and shimmer as the official code for this Christmas season. It is something that you need to win the hearts and steal the show!

With Christmas and the New Year’s Eve on the cart, this time is probably the best time of the year when you can try to be an extra special and glittery- especially when you are willing to weave the magic through your eyes. When we personally talk about the glittery trends, we see the entire social media (be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) brimming with the shades of glossy and richly-pigmented inspo. Keeping this in mind, we have these 5 amazing glittery eye makeup ideas that we think you should definitely try this Christmas.

  1. Starry Eyes


Put a fantastic 3-D spin to your eye makeup by adding some gorgeous holographic stars along with the side corners of eyes. Keep it a balanced mixture of big and small stars and perfectly pair them with a fabulous set of hazel-eyed coloured contact lenses. Just see how beautiful it is going to look!

  1. Full Shimmer


Golden shimmer shadow teamed with a heavy charcolic black in your lashes and outlines is nothing but a perfect match for this Christmas celebrations. Dash it out in bushy look and even if you want to highlight your bone brow by adding extra shimmers, go for it.

  1. Plain Glossy Eyelids


If you want to keep your style subtle and not something too glittery or shimmery then goes for the gloss. Add the plain fine layer of clear gloss over a matte eye shadow and just wear it out with all your grace and confidence. Trust us- you are going to win the show.

  1. Adding glitters under the eyes


Turn the makeup trend upside down by reversing the routine method of wearing an eye makeup. Add all the shines and glimmers beneath the eyes while keeping the upper portion subtle with light hues. You can also pair it with a cat eye look.

  1. Golden Streaks

The glimpse of gold in the inner, upper and lower corners of the eyes looks simply mesmerizing. Fill your eyes with the golden delight and shine on during the holidaying season.

Hottest Color Trends in Contact Lenses

25 November, 2016

Picking the right set of colored contact lens that beautifully fits your personality and appearance is a wonderful feeling. But somehow, the art of picking the right contact lens color that perfectly fits your hair color and skin tone is a challenging task. Choose a tint that defines the edges of your iris and simply deepens the natural shade of your eyes. Do you want to experiment a new eye color while still keeping the natural shade intact? For instance, having blue color eyes and trying gray or green shades in it.

You can simply add a lot more drama to your appearance with the help of these following colors. Just remember that if you have dark eyes then choose something opaque. You can also pick some natural looking shades like light honey brown or hazel. Quite often, we have seen people choosing some spectacular shades of blue or green. The idea with these bright-colored lenses is to create a dazzling show-stopping look. Have a look at the hottest color trends in contact lenses and their respective benefits:

  1. Green

Glam up in green, the contact shade is a sure shot hit for all general purposes. It looks natural, refreshing and amazing with all types of skin.

  1. Amber

 Do you know what is common about Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Garner, and Nicole Ritchie? Well… they all have those beautiful pairs of Amber eyes. Amber is an all time hot, and it would remain to be the sexiest eye shade. So if you don’t have those magical amber eyes, then make it with a pair of coloured contact lenses.

  1. Gray

Gray is the new black in color lenses. It is one among the rarest natural eye shade in humans and therefore those who desire to paint their eyes gray can easily pick the pair of lenses for themselves.

  1. Blue

Do you wish to be the blue-eyed person of someone’s life? Well not literally, but you can DEFINETELY choose to pick this color up. Blue color contact lenses look perfect on people having big eyes. Needless to say, the shade has the potential to give you a distinctive edge by adding a lot more drama to the eyes.

5 Big Eyes Make up Tips for a Beautiful Look

19 November, 2016

Beauty lies in the eyes of those who have BIG wonderful and round eyes and if you are one of them… then, lucky you! Hue in the dark charcholic shades of smoke, when these larger lovely eyes are enhanced with the best of makeup fancies, nothing can simply overrule their charm and grace. One must know all the tricks, simple or difficult, to add the fine shade of brightness and glamour in eyes. With this is mind, let’s have a quick look at some of the most fantastic big eye makeup tips.

  1. Brewing the brows:

 Eyebrows play a very significant part in your overall facial makeup and if the person has big round eyes, then they can simply make them look more gorgeous. Never let your brows go bushy or unruly. Trim, shape and groom them properly to highlight the focal point.

  1. Area around the eyes:

If you have dark circles, eye bags, puffy eyes or wrinkles around the eyes, then you should definitely treat them before applying makeup. Use concealer to hide the problem and prepare your eye area with effective makeup.

  1. Love the brow bone:

 A shiny brow bone looks simply sexy and mind blowing. Highlight your brow bone with white eye shadow and if possible, also add some shimmer to give it an extra edge.

  1. Pick a dark shade:

 Choose a dark eye shadow to create that marvelous smoky look for your eyes. Rather than choosing anything light or pale, pick a gorgeous matte shade to make a statement through your eyes. It is going to add a lot more drama to your facial makeup, especially when added with a fabulous pair of color contact lenses.

  1. Get some shimmers:


Take your big eyes makeup to a different zone and level with the mesmerizing touch of shimmers. A slight touch of shimmer and glitter in the upper eyelid and below the brow bones can give you the most stunning

7 Quick Tips for Using the Best Color Contact Lens

05 November, 2016

Simple to wear and beautiful to look- there are several reasons why you can quickly start using your first brand new pair of colored contact lenses today. Being in this industry for quite a while now, we know how drastically this little wonder of awesomeness can influence your life. You might hear several opinions and cons about the use of lens but taking a constructive decision that is only based on rational thoughts is the need of the hour.Keeping this is mind; we have compiled a quick list of 7 tips that you need to follow while using the best colour contact lenses. Have a look!

1. Soft lenses differ in types and thus, pick the one that is most comfortable to you. You can choose extended wear lenses (something you can wear overnight), replacement lenses, silicone lenses (highly breathable and free from accumulated deposits) and colored soft lenses.

2. Check the life span of the lenses and prefer something that has extended longevity. Lenses are available in two broad categories i.e. daily disposable lenses and monthly pairs of colored contact lenses.

3. Give the highest priority to UV-protest lenses, especially if you are engaged in some outdoor sports. UV protection keeps the lenses safe and soft.

4. Know the RGP i.e. Rigid Gas Permeable factor of contact lenses. RGP lenses can sharper the vision by bringing better clarity for the user. Users having cone-shaped cornea are suggested to use it.

5. Have you ever heard of hybrid contact lenses? These are the lenses that are made of strong and rigid gas permeable center but have soft rings. Once can correct sightedness, both far and near, with the help of hybrid lenses.

6. Cleanliness is the biggest secret of being a happy lens user. It even goes without saying that you need to regularly clean the lenses with disinfectant.

7. If you are one among those few contact lens users that are quite vulnerable to eye allergies, then it is utterly important for you to keep medical prescriptions and recommendations handy.

The Online Celebration of Halloween- Quick Ways to Make the Best Use of Social Media

24 October, 2016

The fragrance of Halloween celebration is blooming all around the world, and digital media is not a disdain part of this festive fun. You can easily find ghosts, goblins, bats and ghouls being there in the social media which make it really exciting and interesting. So today, check out how you can make the best use of the social platform to entertain your followers and friends with the best of Halloween bliss.

  1. Customize your Social Profile with Theme Halloween:

From cover images to the profile picture, and social media content, make sure to centralize every single thing within theme Halloween. Here is how you can do it- place cobweb graphics in your image, add some bats to it, do a bit of zombie makeup with the headshot, keep the lighting low and do tits of artwork around the image. There are ample of Halloween theme images available over the net these days, and all you have to do is to pick the best one and customize it with your personal image.

  1. Celebrate your Halloween idea much before the final date of festival:

Halloween celebrations could be a complete festive month in social media if you make plans to share each and every update of your party ideas in the virtual platforms. For instance, I am going to buy my favorite set of big eye contact lenses this Halloween- this is where I will do my grocery shopping- the finding of Halloween character or how I made the costume video, etc.- you can do a couple of things this year. It could be just like a travel diary thing!

  1. A Halloween Contest

Social media is probably the best place to have interactive conversations with the audiences. Engage your people in an interactive Halloween contest and ask them questions related to the festive celebration. For instance, submit a photo of a famous Halloween costume and ask questions related to it, share your thoughts about Halloween candies, custom, history, and so on: do every bit to entertain your audience.

  1. Go Cross-promotional:

If you believe in the sharing culture, then go for cross-promotional sharing i.e. sharing links from other people and platform. This Halloween, go with the idea of spreading festive inspiration no matter whether it is self-created or uploaded by someone else. There are different social media platform that you can use to cross-promote your Halloween strategy in a convenient manner.

5 DIY Experiments that Can Make Your Halloween Costumes Fabulous Without Any Extra Cost

14 October, 2016

Halloween inspiration is all around the world as the famous celebration is making its way in just a few days. You may check books, TV, pop culture, music sensations, and Hollywood celebrities, etc. to get a clearer idea of Halloween trends but then everything that you see might come at a big cost. This Halloween, make a pledge to save most of your money yet be the best in appearance for your celebrations. We will tell you how you can make it possible! Get ready to prepare the sexy version of your ideas with these 4 DIY costume tips.

  • Be at your creative best:

Pick a character of your choice from a TV show or movie and create your costume. Rather than buying anything new, first make a list of things that you already have such as the costume stuff in the house. For instance, if you have to create a big bird costume than it won’t take more than just a paper, grocery bag, colored party streamers, etc. Explore more ideas and work on them.

  • Shop your accessories:

Believe in yourself, believe in your accessories and believe in the fact that you already have what you are craving to buy this Halloween. Check all your accessories, Big eyes contact lenses, makeup kit, designer outfits, jewellery, etc. to prepare a fine list of things that you need or not.

  • Visit second hand shops

Thrift stores can be a great resource for costumes and sidestep consumerism. Most of such second hand shops are filled with new looking costumes that you can be modified with a little touch of creativity. How about using a giant yellow M&M to create a subtle bumblebee with lovely strips and wings? YES- you can do it on your own.

  • Be brainy yet carefree:

Halloween is all about letting your creativity flow, yet at the same time; it is also about not bothering oneself too much with the costume pressure. Let your ideas flow freely, take it easy, get the favorite pair of sclera contact lenses now, add a surprise element to your appearance, and so on- you will shine like a rockstar in your Halloween celebration.

5 Mindblowing Facts about Halloween that You Cannot Afford to Miss Today

07 October, 2016

The spookiest time of the year is around the corner where spirits like you and me can wander freely on the earth- it’s time for Halloween fun! But apart from trick-or-treating, visiting neighbors, wearing crazy makeup and creating fun havoc, what exactly do you know about Halloween? As the Halloween holiday knocks your door, learn a bit more about this fabulous celebration and make the most of it. We have some thoughts to share!

  1. Celts’ the brain behind Halloween Dressing idea:

It was Celts who believed that Halloween marks the time when the distance and boundaries between our world and the paranormal world are permeable. It's the time when spirit flows freely and thus one should wear weird costumes and masks during the celebration of the festival.

  1. Halloween derives its faith from Catholics:

The three-day long Hallowmas catholic holidays are celebrated in honor of saints and deceased people. The concept of celebrations started in the 11th century where the pope announced the onset of All Hallow’s Eve from 31st Oct to 2nd Nov.

    3. You might never see a full moon Halloween night before 2020:

All thanks to Hollywood and horror movies that we relate Halloween and witches flying over the full moon, but the truth have something else to say. Full Moon Halloween nights are rare and the most recent one that happened in the year 2001.

  1. The favorite Candy Corn was previously known as chicken feed:

I personally love them but never knew that my favorite candy corns were originally regarded as ‘butter cream’ and chicken feed’ candies back when George Renninger first invented them.

  1. Symbols that we use during Halloween are not random:

Every symbol comes with meaning, be it a black cat, bat or a spider. For instance, cat, bat, and spider symbolize witches and bad luck. We can even connect bat with the ancient Samhain ritual of creating a bonfire that attracted bats and repelled insects. Get your Sclera Crazy Contact Lenses today to create that fantastic Halloween look!



10 Outstanding Halloween Decoration Ideas to Have a Rocking Celebration in 2016

06 September, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to wrap all your worries and troubles to welcome the best season of the year afresh. But unlike others, Halloween is not all about celebrations…as it is more to do with the amazing dose of fun and excitement that the celebration brings. So here today, we have listed the 20 most spooktacular ideas to rock your Halloween in 2016.

1. Work on an Eerie Entrance with some spooky boo-ring and a scary grapevine wreath. How about decorating the entrance with some lighted candle pumpkins?

halloween spooky boo-ring
2. Dish out the buffet with some creepy serving pieces like an open plastic skull, bone-type spoons, Halloween candies, etc.

3. During Halloween, befriend pumpkin to make it your key element for decorations. Transform flowers to paint it with spooky black color and place them in a pumpkin vase.

4. Take old wine bottles to decorate them as ‘Poison Plants’. You can decorate your room like a mad laboratory to give it a vintage look.

5. Create a ‘green’ centerpiece with a lot of ivy garlands and crafted pumpkins. Try making it a bit of extra green.

6. Create some weird and spooky characters in your home that you can place at the entrance or anywhere in the room. How about creating jack-o-lanterns, dressed in kitchen cheesecloth in it?

7. Prepare a creepy display of tombstones with some shimmery skeletons on a macabre mantle. You can light it up with some long candles.

8. Pay special attention to the windows and dress them with some candlelight, candelabra, cobwebs and flying bats.

9. Create a display of old ‘but fake’ vintage photographs. Use a good amount of cobwebs to make the photo gallery look frightening and mysterious.

10. Last but not the least: assemble a ghostly figure with a heavy pumpkin head and super scary colour contact lenses on it. Drape it with cheesecloth
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